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Vision,Values and Priorities

Cheshire West and Chester Council is an organsation that strives to provide excellent engagement with customers, individuals, communities and partners and deliver the highest quality of services to all stakeholders.

Our Vision

To reduce inequalities, increase years of healthy life and promote mental and physical health and wellbeing for everyone in Cheshire West.

What does good look like?

  • Prevention is the basis of everything we do
  • A place that is taking practical and innovative action on climate change and environmental issues
  • A modern and productive economy that draws investment, visitors and talent
  • A place that people are proud to live in, with decent homes and sustainable and fulfilling jobs
  • People have pride in, and contribute to their communities
  • Social mobility and tackling inequalities are prioritised, to ensure all our residents can reach their full potential
  • Older people are valued, making positive contributions to their communities and the economy
  • We embrace and maximise the use of data and digital technology
  • Everyone, regardless of sex, race, sexual orientation, gender identity or any other characteristic, sees an increase in years of healthy life
  • Children get the best start in life
  • Young people are supported to reach their potential and ambitions
  • People live healthy lives and are supported to be in control of their own health
  • Mental and physical wellbeing of all residents is maximised
  • Resources are transferred out of hospitals and into the community
  • A partnership provides effective, joined up and personalised care for the community
  • Residents' voices are heard and can shape our future
  • There is democratic oversight of our emerging integrated care system.


  1. Shared accountability across the public sector and with our population
  2. Promoting engagement and involvement
  3. Mental health is valued equally with physical health
  4. We are inclusive and value diversity
  5. Honest and open to feedback
  6. Evidence-based.


  1. Prevention - and early detection
  2. Reducing inequalities
  3. Promoting wellbeing and self-care
  4. Making it easier to navigate health, social care and community based services
  5. Anticipating the future needs of our population - providing housing, schools and services to meet changing demand
  6. Integrating our health and care services
  7. Keeping people safe.

For further information you can view the Council Plan 2020-2024 here.