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Vision,Values and Priorities

Cheshire West and Chester Council is an organsation that strives to provide excellent engagement with customers, individuals, communities and partners and deliver the highest quality of services to all stakeholders.

Our Vision

To help the borough - including residents, communities and the local economy - to thrive by 2020.

Our Values

To deliver the vision, the organisation will need to operate differently. This starts with our organisational culture and the values we use to guide our behaviours. The following values have been shaped by our staff. They will guide all elements of our approach to supporting the workforce including recruitment, training and performance management.


Team work is essential to make scarce resources go further. The Council will not tolerate its services working in silos and will always look for opportunities to work closely with other organisations that have shared objectives.


This involves acting with integrity and being honest about what works well and what needs to change. It is important internally but absolutely essential in regard to our relationships with residents.


Respect is a value that is vital in public services. The Council will always act to respect residents, partners and staff. It will respect the views and opinions of all, even where there are differences of opinion.


This requires the organisation to think creatively about delivering better results for residents with less resource.

Value for Money

This is more than just about saving money. It is about making a difference for every pound the Council spends or influences. While the Council needs to save 21% from its net budget it also needs to make sure it gets maximum impact for the 79% that’s left.


It is not the Council’s job to always come in and fix problems as they arise. The Council will do more to give staff, citizens and communities the means to tackle their problems and take responsibility rather than think that the Council knows best.

Our Priorities

The following diagram illustrates how this vision links into ten specific priorities.

If the priorities in this plan are delivered, the following groups will see the following positive changes through to 2020.


Cheshire West is a place to thrive with access to skilled people, good infrastructure, an attractive environment, and an ambitious Council that values contribution to local communities. 

Older Residents

The Council supports activities in the community and values contribution. People feel listened to and well informed. Safety and wellbeing is taken seriously. People feel in control, and the support is provided jointly with other services particularly alongside the NHS.


The Council listens and responds to needs. People find it easy to contact the Council and services feel joined-up. There is assurance that their council tax is being spent wisely. The Council supports people in need to be more independent and plays an active role in the community. There is access to information about how well the Council is performing and people feel confident that they are focused on delivering the best service they can.

Children and Families

The Council supports families to ensure a good quality of life. With access good quality housing, families and children feel supported to learn and develop from an early age. With help to get the skills needed to access employment. The Council will work with those who experience difficulties and join up a wide range of services to ensure they are safe and back on track 


Strong relationships with the Council have been formed and they are an open organisation looking to make a difference. The residents feel confident sharing expertise and resources to tackle shared problems and reduce costs. People feel well informed about the Council’s activities and value their role in coordinating services across the borough.

For further information you can view the Council Plan 2016 -2020 here.

Our new Council Plan is currently being finalised.